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Morgan Chesky

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On paper, my job title reads weekend anchor for KOCO-TV, the ABC affiliate in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

In the field, it’s social media savant, teammate, navigator, sometimes photographer, and occasional computer tech, among many more.  There’s no such thing as a “one trick pony” in journalism and that’s why I love it.

My career began at age eight, when my grandparents gave me a blank newspaper and told me to fill it up with “important stuff.”  Since then I’ve walked the halls of Murrow to work at CBS News in New York, stood in sub-freezing temperatures to cover freak ice storms in East Texas, and witnessed the shock of the Fort Hood shooting tragedy.  Along the way, I’ve been blessed with awards, but that’s not the drive behind the career.

It’s the chance to share humanity at its best…and worst, with the rest of the world.

From my television start in the studios of Sam Houston State University to the newsrooms I’ve contributed to, each place provided tools to hone my skills as a journalist.  It’s for that reason I’m here at Breaking into Broadcasting, to share what I know and continue to learn with those looking to grow.

You can also visit my website, The Chesky Chronicles.